Saturday, 11 February 2017


 like a crushed paper
she was lying amidst the garbage of broken promises
a used paper, on which once,
someone wrote the most beautiful words
words which had their own rhythm
words which sang an unknown yet melodious song
a song which dictated her beauty
a song which had its own meaning 
a song that once delighted her heart
and a song which promised her all the infinities.
but when the circumstances changed,
when the sun sat in, and an eerie silence was taken by,
she looked for the same voice, same rhythm, same words to sing the same song
to intervene the deadly silence
with their euphonious  tone
but with the setting sun
maybe the tones sat too
because now they just echoed
 nowhere but in her heart
and this was when she learnt
not everything you hear is true
and illusions are true too!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

a new morning

A new morning

A few more minutes passed and the darkness grew more intense. I retreated myself with the words that everything will be fine soon, that life is a rollercoaster and I'm getting down from high, that everything has its end and my problems will also have their end.
I don't know for how long I repeated these lines but one thing I know for sure is that these lines gave me an unexpected power to fight with my cowardice. My heartbeat which was faster once was now normal and I slept with all my senses.
The next morning when I woke up and opened my eyes, the bright rays of sunlight penetrated through the cornea of my eyes. With all my senses wide awake I could feel the morning sun and its warmth, the positive energy it beheld. I could hear the birds chirping which delighted my heart. With a new energy and a constant thought of facing all the difficulties with full courage and determination, I was ready to begin a new day of my life-a day which changed it completely. A day when I discovered a new me.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

the inner voice


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"Why don't you die? What on Earth are you doing up till now? For what the hell reason are you here, alive? Why the fuck you were born? In past so many years of life all you have done is bothered your parents to earn more and more to satisfy your needs. What a greedy human are you! So many years of your living but still not a single moment of pride and honour for them. How can you be so self-fish? Shame on you! you hussy! you don't deserve to live. I haven't seen a girl like you who has never made her parents proud in her entire life and on top of it is ditching them for a stupid relationship. Such a shameless creature you are. You know what? you don't deserve to live. You should die. yes, whore I'm talking to you... You shameless bitch, what are you looking for? Go take those pills, swipe that metal hard against your veins, pull that rope tight aginst your windpipe. Each and every glimpse of pain should remind you of your mistakes, your sins. Go for it---" said someone before being cut by a sweet delightful voice.
"what happened my child? what my princess is thinking about?" said her mother.
"yeah--nothing mom just a little headache. I want some rest. Will you please leave?"
"Sure darling. Take care."
"yeah. Bye, mum." said she and the door went off.
A sharp metal piece slides across her wrist followed by a no. of pills that pass through her alimentary canal. Blood drops and darkness is all she can see. It is now when she figures out who that 'someone' was? It was her inner voice which is silent now. The inner voice of a 15 yr. old girl.
 A deep silence prevails in and out of her mind. "my princess" is all she repeats in her quiet mind.

Friday, 18 November 2016


a little girl's thoughts....
I'm a bad girl
I'm a bad peer
I'm not like others,
I usually don't mix up.
even if I do
there's a strange fear in me,
for I'm like a maze of trees.
for some, i appear as dumb
for others, i appear smart
for some I'm mean
for the rest I'm keen.
but I know what I'm and what I can.
but alas! I cannot force them to see through my specs
I cannot ask them to walk in my shoe.
all I can do is, I can lose myself in their world
I can force myself to be like them,the way they want me to be
Or maybe I have to do this,
or else I'll be the so called;
'nerd' forever.

Friday, 7 October 2016

wierdo's thoughts

The words of wierdo

I can't say it loud
for I can't manage to face the crowd.
my feelings are what make me,
and they are the precious part of me.
yes, it is difficult for me to say
but this doesn't mean it's you who I hate.
yes, I like to be in my own company
but this doesn't mean I hate your company
sometimes I want to be alone,
sometimes I want you beside me.
but all I want is you to understand me
for I am a wierdy.
for I pretend to be an extrovert
but beneath me lies what they say
a weird introvert!

Friday, 30 September 2016

a crazy book lover.

A Crazy

They were her forever companions,
They were the song of her heart.
They were her love,
They were her world.
When she was isolated from the external world,
She was included in their world;
A world of silent words.
They meant a lot to her
As they knew her better
Than anyone else knew her.
They had words for all her absurd feelings,
They had words for her lunatic behavior.
They had reasons for her happiness,
They had reasons for her sadness.
These were the reasons why she loved them
And they were the reasons why people called her 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

From the heart of a PLUVIOPHILE...

Ever wondered how a pluviophile's world is?
aah! I knew it, you haven't.
here I go, with a dual triplet of mine,
depicting how it feels like
to be pluviophile.

It gives her peace,
It gives her joy.
Its droplets mean pearls to her 
Its smell means scent to her.
When no one is there to listen to her cry
she is there to accompany her.
It is rain and her is she-
a pluviophile.